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Nobhojit Roy, MBBS, MS, MPH

Nobhojit Roy, MBBS, MS, MPH

Chief of Surgery
BARC Hospital
Commissioner on the Lancet Commission for Global Surgery
Professor for Public Health

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  • World Health Organization
  • Lancet Commission for Global Surgery
  • Affordable Surgery
  • Prehospital Care in Resource-poor Settings
  • Preventable Trauma Deaths
  • Trauma Scoring Systems

Nobhojit Roy, MBBS, MS, MPH, is a visiting Professor for Public Health at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Deemed University) in Mumbai, India. Dr. Roy trained as a Trauma Surgeon in Mumbai, India and the UK and holds an MPH from John Hopkins University. He served as a rural surgeon in rural and tribal areas of India. Since 2004, he has been the Chief of Surgery at the BARC Hospital, a secondary and tertiary health care provider to 100,000 people living modestly in Mumbai, India. His areas of research interest are affordable surgery, preventable trauma deaths, trauma scoring systems and prehospital care in resource-poor settings. He has worked closely with the WHO as PI of the Trauma Patient Safety Checklist and as senior expert on competence for mass casualty events, in limited-resource settings. Currently, Dr. Roy is serving as a Commissioner on the Lancet Commission for Global Surgery.

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