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Georges Alain Etoundi Mballa, MD

Georges Alain Etoundi Mballa, MD

Director of Disease Control
Ministry of Public Health of Cameroon
Chief of Emergency Services
Central Hospital of Yaoundé

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Dr. Etoundi currently serves as the Director of Disease Control for the Ministry of Public Health of Cameroon and is the Chief of Emergency Services at the Central Hospital of Yaoundé. Dr. Etoundi received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Yaoundé and then spent five years at the General Hospital of Libourne staffing the pulmonology and critical care services. Subsequently, Dr. Etoundi spent seven years at the University of Bordeaux in France, receiving specialized training in infectious disease, pulmonology, and critical care. Having witnessed the burden of trauma affecting patients being treated at the Emergency Department, Dr. Etoundi became interested in the study of injury. He served as a co-Investigator for the pilot trauma registry at the Central Hospital of Yaoundé in 2008-2009 and is currently partnering with the Center for Global Surgical Studies at UCSF as co-investigator for the study protocol "A National Trauma Registry to Inform Policy in Cameroon."

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