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Martin Ekeke Monono, MD

Martin Ekeke Monono, MD

Coordinator of Organization of Service Delivery
Regional Adviser for Health Policies and Service Delivery
World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Africa in Brazzaville

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  • Center for Global Surgical Studies
  • Management of Health Services
  • Positioning Injury Prevention as a Priority Area in the National Health Agenda
  • Strengthening Health Systems
  • Violence and Injury Prevention

Dr Martin Ekeke Monono currently serves as the Coordinator of Organization of Service Delivery at the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Africa in Brazzaville, comprising Human Resources for Health, Health Financing and Social Protection and Health Policies and Service Delivery. Since May 2013, he has been assigned to the Health Systems and Services Cluster, where he is the Regional Adviser for Health Policies and Service Delivery. Dr. Monono joined World Health Organization in 2010 where he was in charge of coordinating violence and injury prevention activities in the African Region. Dr. Monono received his medical training in Cameroon qualifying in 1983, after which he proceeded to train in the United Kingdom where he qualified as an Otolaryngologist (ENT Surgeon) in 1992. He returned to his native Cameroon in 1993 where, in addition to his clinical appointments, he held a number of administrative posts, including Provincial Delegate of Health (Provincial Director) where he coordinated planning and implementation of all health activities of one of Cameroon's ten provinces, then Director of Health Care Organization and Health Technology, and finally Director of Family Health in the Ministry of Health. During this time, Dr. Monono served as the focal point for violence and injury prevention in Cameroon's Ministry of Health and has carried out studies on injuries in Cameroon. He has extensive experience in the management of health services with a particular interest in strengthening health systems and positioning injury prevention as a priority area in the national health agenda.

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