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Lauren Agoubi, MA

Lauren Agoubi, MA

MD Candidate, University of Michigan

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  • Williams College, B.A., Chemistry, 2013
  • National University of Ireland - Galway, M.A., Public Advocacy and Activism, 2014
  • Increasing health access and literacy in under-served populations
  • Global health policy-making
  • Health systems improvement
  • French

Lauren Agoubi is an M.D. Candidate at the University of Michigan Medical School. She received a B.A. in Chemistry at Williams College with minors in Africana Studies and French Language. Following this, she complete a combined research year and master's degree in Ireland, studying the relationship between advocacy, policy-making, and women's health outcomes. She then went on to work with Match Education as a math teacher for high-risk youth in Chicago. Her current interests include systems-based improvements in health policy and population health.

  1. Building Capacity through Interprofessional Partnerships at the UM Student-Run Free Clinic. Maya Faison, Jacob Cedarbaum, Lauren Agoubi. (2017) Beyond Flexner Alliance Conference; Miami, FL
  2. Motivations for Abortion Work and their Impact in the Global Setting. Lauren Agoubi, Hillary Paulsen, Lisa Harris, Meghan Seewald, Lisa Martin, Jane Hassinger. (2017) SBRP Symposium; Ann Arbor, MI
  3. Developing a Model for Interprofessional Care and Education at the UM Student-Run Free Clinic. Lauren Agoubi, Jacob Cedarbaum, Maya Faison. (2016) Health Professions Education Day; Ann Arbor, MI.
  4. Chiu, K., Agoubi, L. L., Lee, I., Limpar, M. T., Lowe Jr, J. W., & Goh, S. L. (2010). Effects of polymer molecular weight on the size, activity, and stability of PEG functionalized trypsin. Biomacromolecules, 11(12), 3688-3692


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